"It's The Experience"

        Fishing the Ten thousand Islands of Florida is a whole lot more then reeling in fish. There is the total experience to be enjoyed. There is an excitement that can not be compared to anything else on this earth.

     Imagine skimming across 18" of water with nothing but beauty around, no other boats no buildings and no people for as far as you can see. The pull of the "Bull Red" (Red Drum) on light tackle as you work it from the  pocket of the mangroves, you might thing you have a bull-dozer hooked. A Snook dancing on the end of your line, spending as much time out of the water as in, water splashing and drag singing. Or the scales of a Tarpon looking like one hundred mirrors as the early morning sun hits it as it brakes the surface of the water.

     There is also the quiet, not much to hear but birds the breeze and the soft sound of  harp strings as the wind blows across the fishing lines.

     The wildlife of the Ten Thousand Islands and  Everglades National Park is endless. Hundreds of species of birds. Rookeries with a thousand or more birds nesting on a single isle. Alligators and manatees living in hormony.

       Let's not forget the fish. Over 15 varieties of edible fish and more then twice as many with no food value but often offer great sport.  One of the most exciting aspects of fishing the Islands is the anticipation of your catch, you never know what you might bring in. There are also sharks,rays,dolphin and the endangered small toothed saw fish.

     I have a passion for the Ten Thousand Islands and I enjoy sharing it with others.

                                                         Capt. Phil


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